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Rally Round Golf Tournament Scramble Rules Sheet

8th Annual Rally Round Golf Tournament  

Monday, October 28, 2019


On behalf of Rally Round Golf Tournament, welcome to Old Ranch Country Club.  The following information will provide you with the rules, format of play, and contest holes. Thank you for joining us!

Men play from GOLD / Ladies from BRONZE

Each player hits his or her tee shot. The team then selects the ball in the most favorable position and marks the site with a tee. All other ball must be picked up. Each player then hits the next shot within one club length of the marked site, but no closer to the hole. This procedure is repeated until the ball is on the green.

On the green, the selected ball is marked with a coin. Each player attempts the putt from within six inches of the coin, but no closer to the hole. No ball should be holed out until all players have attempted the previous putt.

BUNKERS – If a selected ball is in a trap, the site is marked with a tee. Each player then hits the sand shot from within one club length of the tee, but no closer to the hole. The shot must be taken from within the bunker and the site may be raked before each shot.

THREESOMES – If your team is short a player, have one player on each hole, hit an extra ball from start to finish. Rotate this honor among the team players on a hole by hole basis.

SCORECARDS – Please record the team’s gross scramble score only. Please total up the team score and turn-in the scorecard to the golf. shop as soon as you’ve finished play.

DIVIOTS – Please fill all divots with sand/seed mixture provided on carts.

Contest Holes


Longest Drive – LADIES HOLE #14   MEN HOLE #14

Closest to the Pin – HOLE # 5, 7 and 11, HOLE IN ONE #15

After your round, please join us back in the Clubhouse Heavy Hors D' Oeuvres, Raffle, Auction, Awards & Prizes

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